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You can download Khan Sir History Book PDF introduced by Khan Sir from here for nothing. In this book, every one of the subjects of history has been given as a summary, which can be effectively perused and perceived by anybody.

Information on history turns out to be vital when you will likely clear the cutthroat test and find an administration line of work. Since history questions are asked in practically all aggressive tests. Not just this, on the off chance that you need to turn into an official bypassing the UPSC or State PCS test, then, at that point, it turns out to be vital for you to think about history well, on the grounds that in such assessment there is a lot of inquiries of history.

Khan Sir History Book PDF in Hindi

Khan sir has become the most famous serious test readiness educator in India as of now. Individuals like Khan sir’s way of perusing especially in light of the fact that Khan sir clarifies the most troublesome themes just to snicker.

Khan sir runs his own association named khan GS Research Center which is situated in Patna, the capital of Bihar. In excess of 20000 understudies concentrate here consistently. Furthermore, as of now, Khan sir additionally peruses on the web, you can download Khan sir’s true application and read from Khan sir through an online medium.

Khan Sir has composed numerous books for serious tests, out of which today we are imparting Khan Sir History Book PDF to you, which you can download for nothing and read from your telephone or PC.

Khan GS Research Patna Khan Sir History Book PDF Hindi & English Download here

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Khan Sir Patna History Notes PDF

khan Sir is a famous and knowledgeable teacher preparing for the Competitive Exam in Patna. Their method of teaching is very easy and simple. Due to this, all the students preparing for competitive exams can easily understand. The name of his institute is khan GS Research Center.

Many books have been written by Khan Sir. Which is being liked a lot by the candidates. Today we have made available for you the PDF of Khan Sir History Book, one of the books written by him through this post.

Khan Sir History Book

Khan Sir has written his history book very well. Which can be understood by every student in a very easy way. He has made this history in the book as a summary of class 06 to 12 NCERT.

Khan Sir has collected all the important points of Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History in his History Book. Due to the simplicity of this book, it is very popular among students.

Khan Sir History Book PDF Details

Name of the Institution Khan – GS Research Center

PDF Name – Khan Sir History Notes PDF

Size of PDF – 38.60 MB

PDF Page – 128 Pages

Khan Sir History Book Details

We have provided Khan Sir Notes PDF for the candidates. By downloading it, all of you read this book carefully. You do not need to pay any fee to get all these Khan Sir GS Notes, it is being provided completely free of cost.

Khan Sir History Book PDF Download Here

Khan Sir History Book PDF Download

To download the History Book of Khan Sir, we have provided the link below through which you can get the History Book of Khan Sir.

Khan Sir History Notes are written in a very good and simple way, in view of this, we are providing these History Notes because many candidates have many problems due to which they are not able to buy Paid Batch of Khan Sir. However, the fee for each batch of Khan sir is kept to a minimum.

Features of Khan Sir History Book

General Introduction of India, Indian States and Union Territories at a Glance, Neighboring Countries and Borders of India, Geographical Diversity of India, Classification of Indian Rocks, Major Mountain Peaks of India, Major Mountains and Hills of India, Major Valleys of India Major Plateaus of India, Major Plains of India, Major Gulfs of India, Passes of India, Major Islands and Islands of India, Major Lakes and Waterfalls of India, Major Rivers of India, Major Ports of India, Major Mineral Resources of India, India Major Oils of India, Major Refineries of India, Major Industrial Areas of India, India Agricultural Model, Major Agricultural Institutions of India, Major Soils of India, Major Natural Plants of India, Major Biosphere Reserves of India, Census of India 2011, of India Tribals, India Transport System, Miscellaneous Facts Related to India

Khan Sir History Book Exercise

Religious Movements of the 6th Century BCE
Mahajanapada period and the rise of Magadha kingdom
alien invasion
Mauryan Empire
Post-Mutual Period (184-30 BC)
Alien Invasion in the Post-Mitary Period
History of the Far South and the Sangam Age
Gupta Empire
post-Gupta period
early medieval india
The advent of Islam and the Arab-Turkish invasion
Delhi Sultanate
Provincial Dynasties of North and South India
Religious Movements of the 15th and 16th Centuries
Mughal Empire
Shivaji and the Maratha Kingdom
Post Mughal period and rise of regional states
European companies arrive in India
Impact of British rule on the economy
Revolt of 1857
Movements from 1757 to 1858
Development of education in India during the British period
History of Indian Newspapers
social and religious reform movement
Peasants, Workers and Leftist Movements
Indian National Movement
Constitutional Development of India
Governor, Governor General and Viceroy
Art, Culture & Related Facts
History of the world
Questions asked and their answers during previous years
important map


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